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Friday, September 1, 2017 10:16 PM Write a comment

Fellow ADM brethren
One of our own is in trouble and needs your help. His name is Ralph A Coslet. He came to the 567th as a new recruit in 1977 and served 4 years, leaving Fort Hood as an E-5 buck sergeant. Ralph was assigned to my platoon in Hanau and I took him under my wing when he was green and helped him acclimate to the army. He was part of my team the year we had the first "Close Out" NSI inspection. Ralph & I became fast friends and have kept in touch thru the years.

Recently Ralph has fallen on hard times and last week he spent his last dollar. It's a rather long story which I won't go into here but if you want to hear it, contact me and I will tell it. Meanwhile, Ralph could really use some money. If you can spare a hundred or two, that would be great. The best way to get the money to him is to use MoneyGram. He can pick the money up at any Walmart store. When sending a MoneyGram, you need to send him the MoneyGram Reference #. He can receive text message on his cell phone. If you are sending him money, please email me directly and ask me for his cell phone number. peter at hot glass works dot com

Please help him out of his dire circumstance. He is a good guy and doesn't deserve the #@*%!ty hand life dealt him in recent years. The short version is; he was involved in a car accident, in which he was not driving, and suffered many injuries, some of which have impaired his ability to keep a decent job. He is homeless right now, sleeping in his car which he cannot even move because he has (had) no gas money. I sent him $300 this morning. Please follow suite and send him as much as you can afford to give.

Curt Friday, September 8, 2017 06:48 PM
Your post has been here a couple of days, just saw it. I emailed you, please respond if Ralph still needs assistance.

GoFundMe gets used a lot now, gofundme dot com. Even if he doesn't have internet access, I'm sure he has someone who can help him access however much money he raises.

Matter of fact, I have an idea for that now.
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