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11701) Curt 
West Coast
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 12:38 PM

(11701) Actually, if there was any MOS that came closer to defining what the Cold War was than 12E, I don't know what it was.

This face is also fairly definitive of what the Cold War did to those who fled the Iron Curtain. This woman's mother was Lithuanian, and since she was killed I've met others from that country basically seeing who Gina had brought home this time. But then I'd get their stories, too. Stories just like you'd read in Reader's Digest back in those days: One, specifically, was the father, mother, and two infant daughters paddling across whatever river that is running through Lithuania at night while the Soviet border guards were shooting at them. The father was educated; when they reached America he eventually got employment in the university system which seems to be the common story with the intelligentsia fleeing Stalin, it was flight or arrest.

Going to skip social commentary, don't want this post deleted. But it's what happened to these refugee's children once that reached America that's seldom told as, try as they might to be assimilated into American society, sometimes it just didn't work. What happened to this woman and her family is a fine example.

I don't think anyone saw the Cold War like 12E's did, and sometimes maybe something might happen in your life that'll make you realize that. What you were is gone now, it'll never be replaced and neither will the people who aren't here any longer. It's all about the memories that you have, and those that were given to you by those who became close to you one way or another.

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